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Arbitration with Uninformed Consumers

Using data on securities disputes, this study of information advantages in consumer arbitration finds that industry-friendly arbitrators are 40 percent more likely than consumer-friendly arbitrators to be selected to take on arbitration cases. Limiting respondents’ and claimants’ inputs over the selection process could improve outcomes for consumers. Source link

Pioneer (Dis-)advantages in Markets for Technology

When and how to enter a new market is central to firms’ innovation strategies, including in the medical device industry. Ariel Dora Stern and colleagurd show how to evaluate early-mover advantage versus disadvantage when the primary option to monetize an innovation lies in selling it in an intermediate “market for technology” rather than in a

Forecasting Airport Transfer Passenger Flow Using Real-Time Data and Machine Learning

Passengers arriving at international hubs often endure delays, especially at immigration and security. This study of London’s Heathrow Airport develops a system to provide real-time information about transfer passengers’ journeys through the airport to better serve passengers, airlines, and their employees. It shows how advanced machine learning could be accessible to managers. Source link