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Pioneer (Dis-)advantages in Markets for Technology

When and how to enter a new market is central to firms’ innovation strategies, including in the medical device industry. Ariel Dora Stern and colleagurd show how to evaluate early-mover advantage versus disadvantage when the primary option to monetize an innovation lies in selling it in an intermediate “market for technology” rather than in a

Forecasting Airport Transfer Passenger Flow Using Real-Time Data and Machine Learning

Passengers arriving at international hubs often endure delays, especially at immigration and security. This study of London’s Heathrow Airport develops a system to provide real-time information about transfer passengers’ journeys through the airport to better serve passengers, airlines, and their employees. It shows how advanced machine learning could be accessible to managers. Source link

Design Rules, Volume 2: How Technology Shapes Organizations: Chapter 14 Introducing Open Platforms and Business Ecosystems

Platform systems have existed in various forms for centuries. Beginning in the 1980s and 1990s, newly competitive technology of open platform systems based on digital technology and modular architectures changed the structure of entire industries. This paper lays the groundwork for a comprehensive theoretical investigation of open platform systems. Source link