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Are Health Insurance Premiums Tax Deductible?

Can You Claim Deductions for Your Health Insurance Premiums? Medical costs can be hefty, but the Internal Revenue Service provides a way to recoup some of this money through tax deductions for medical expenses. But, understanding the rules involved can be a challenge. Are Health Insurance Premiums Deductible? Whether or not you can enjoy a

Winter Preparation – Did You Get Covered?

Winter Preparation Winter is coming. Your home, auto or business safety during the winter is dependent on how you are preparing for whatever winter might bring. Make sure you and your family members are properly covered by health insurance. Your auto vehicles are covered by auto insurance and your homes are covered by home insurance.

What You Should Know About Dietary Supplements?

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) states that over half of all people in the United States take one or more dietary supplements, either daily or occasionally. You may have been hearing that dietary supplements – vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes and amino acids – are good for you. Or, bad for you. The reality is,

How to Safely Handle a Tire Blowout?

How to Deal With a Tire Blowout Safely? Tire blowouts don’t necessarily have to happen. Most can be avoided with periodic checks for leaks, wear and proper air pressure. But, if you do experience a blowout on the road, there are steps you can do to deal with the situation safely. Why Blowouts Occur? Most

How to Make the Most of a Test Drive?

If you’re in the market for a new car, do some research to see which makes and models you’re interested in. Which ones have everything you’re looking for? Think about things like good looks, capacity, trunk space and anything else that would serve you best. Then, follow two rules: Rule Number One: Never buy a

Small Business Insurance Checklist

As a small business owner, you have many challenges that most people do not understand! These day to day issues can chew up your valuable time and not be at all revenue producing. Whether it be staffing, customer or regulatory issues, in many cases they are not problems that you have brought upon yourself, but

Am I Personally Liable for Business Debt?

Are You Personally Liable for Business Debt? Small business owners might all have one question in mind: am I personally liable for my business debts? The answer depends on the structure of their business and how their business was formed. Sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations – different structures have different responsibilities regarding

Should You Self Insure and How to Self Insure Yourself?

What Is Self-Insure? Self-insure is a risk management method that people set aside some money to be used to remedy an unexpected loss other than purchasing insurance for protection. Generally, you are self-insured when you do not have an insurance policy covering risks. Should You Self-Insure? Self-insure against certain losses may be more economical than

How to Buy Life Insurance?

Deciding to buy life insurance policy is just the first step in getting covered. After that it can get confusing. What kind of policy should you get? How much coverage? Where should you purchase coverage? Sorting through these types of questions will help organize you for the task. Do You Need Life Insurance? Whether you