How to Avoid Car Crashes in the Fog

A multi-vehicle pileup on Interstate 75 near Gainesville, FL killed 10 people and sent 18 to the hospital last month. At least 12 cars and six tractor-trailer trucks were involved. The cause of the deadly accident was smoke-fog, a condition that common… Source link

What Does an Insurance Agent Do?

Shopping for insurance quotes and buying insurance online is so simple, you might wonder why you would ever need an insurance agent. After all, when you shop for insurance online, you can compare lots of policies quickly in your PJs at 2 a.m. We’… Source link

Cyber Car Theft

Back in the day, your average car thief busted into your car with a coat hanger or a baseball bat, hotwired your ignition and drove away. Your lines of defense were simple: use a steering wheel locking device,lock your car and hope for the best…. Source link

Spring Driving Safety Tips

Yippee! Winter is winding down and we wind our clocks ahead an hour this weekend. Longer days and warming spring weather puts more drivers on the road. Be careful and stay safe out there. Avoid accident claims and keep your auto insurance premiums low… Source link

Safe Driving After Dark

The nights may be getting shorter but driving after dark remains the deadliest time on America’s roadways. According to the National Safety Council, although only 25% of all driving is done after the sun goes down, traffic fatalities are three ti… Source link