Green Vehicle Insurance Discounts

If the threat of $5-a-gallon gasoline or concern for the environment haven’t motivated you to trade in your gas-guzzler, maybe the additional savings from green vehicle insurance discounts will be the tipping point. Several car insurance comp… Source link

Stupid Traffic Tickets

New Jersey just passed a new law requiring that pets must wear seat belts when riding in a vehicle. Failure to obey this law will result in fines of $250 to $1,000 and as much as six months in jail. From time to time, we like to remind you that one of… Source link

Hail Damage and Car Insurance Claims

Along with picnics, vacations and reading long novels, summer also means devastating storms like those that recently ripped through Wyoming, Colorado and Oklahoma. The damage done by tornado-force winds gets plenty of press, but the hail stones that ac… Source link

Fourth of July Safe Driving Tips

While most of us are celebrating our country’s independence, far too many people will be losing their mobility or their lives in needless traffic accidents. The Fourth of July holiday and the travel dayssurrounding it are consistently among… Source link